Constitution Marsh


Location: Garrison
Distance: 1.2 miles, option to add Indian Brook Falls or Boscobel Woodland Walk
Skill Level: easy to moderate
Elevation Gain: 200′
Type of Hike: out-and-back
Trail Condition: gravel road, rocky, boardwalk
Wow Factor: awesome boardwalk into the marsh, views
Note: you must park in a dedicated spot or risk being towed

How to get there: From the intersection of 9D and 301, go south on 9D for just over one mile.  (You will pass Boscobel) turn right onto Indian Brook Road which is a dirt road.  You will see the turn for Warren Landing and at the intersection there is dedicated parking for about 8 cars if people all park correctly.  They have been known to tow and ticket people parked illegally.

127 Warren Landing Rd, Garrison, NY 10524


Summary: From the parking spot, head down Warren Landing, past a few private homes, and onto Sanctuary property (and keep going down and down and down).  You’ll see the Audubon center.  Head right, following the blue diamonds across the yard and into the trees.  You’ll cross a little bridge and head out toward the Hudson on a mulched path.  If you take the yellow trail to the right just past the little bridge, it will take you up to the Boscobel trail.

Then start your trek up the rocky hill.  This is the hardest hiking part (aside from going back up that big road back to the car).  There are stone steps built into some places and the path does get close to the edge with pretty significant drops so hold hands of little walkers.  There will be a few nice little views and a bench to take a break if anyone needs it.

Once you come to the boardwalk, it is a beautiful little walk out into the marshlands.  The fence does not go the entire length, so stay close to your littles, but it is a great area to explore.  There is a dock that you can go down to water level and look for fish and bugs.  There is a good chance to see or hear lots of different kinds of birds.  The reeds grow right up next to the boardwalk for closer inspection.  The boardwalk loop could take a good amount of time if you have little explorers.  The Hudson has tides so the water will be higher or lower depending.

When you’re done, head back the way you came and don’t forget to check out the nature center if it’s open.  They have things you can touch like bones and feathers, taxidermy animals, maps, coloring pages, and more.  This is also a nice chance to rest before tackling the hill back up to the car.

If you want to make your trip a little longer, head the opposite direction to Indian Brook Falls.


Facilities: when the nature center is open
Dogs: no


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