Manitoga, Russel Wright Woodland Paths


Location: Garrison
Distance: 2.15 miles, option for shorter
Skill Level: moderate
Elevation Gain: 400′
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: dirty, rocky
Wow Factor: viewpoints
Note: you can’t get close to the Rusel Wright house without purchasing a ticket

How to get there: Located on 9D, 4 miles north of the Bear Mountain Bridge.  It is feet away from Old Manitou Rd.  Head up the steep hill to the parking area.

584 NY-9D, Garrison, NY 10524


Summary: After parking, head into the visitor center to sign in and get a map.  They would appreciate a $5 donation for trail maintenance.

Head out of the center and up the little hill.  You’ll see the large, colorful map at the trail head.  Pick which path you want to take but go to the left.  The trails are designed to go one way and have a black dot on the blazes when you’re going the wrong way.

Head on up.  The white trail is mostly up for the first half and mostly down for the second.  It is a harder hike, especially with the added weight of your baby, but there are enough level and downhill sections to give you a break.

The first part of the hike follows a nice stream, crosses a bridge, and comes to a little pond.  You can follow the yellow markers out-and-back for viewpoints, which may or may not be that great and will be better when there are no leaves on the trees.

The blue and red trails will veer off for shorter hikes.  Follow the white up the hill and start back down.  You can follow any of the yellow trails out for small views of the Hudson then head back to the white blazes.

You’ll meet back up with the red and blue blazes and head back to the trail head.  There is a nice, flat grassy area by the visitor center perfect for a snack and little run around.  The staff are pretty strict that you are not allowed up the path toward the house.


Hunting: no
Dogs: on leash

Map but here’s a better one



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