Manitou Point Preserve

Also known as Mystery Point


Location: Garrison
Distance: 1.5 miles, option for second loop
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 200′
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: road, rocky
Wow Factor: amazing hike on the Hudson with steep drops and no railing
Note: not great for those with a fear of heights or immature walkers

How to get there:  From 9D, turn onto Mystery Point Road, 2 miles north of the Bear Mountain Bridge.  There is a parking area on the left.

90 Mystery Point Rd, Garrison, NY 10524

Summary: From the parking lot, continue down Mystery Point Road following the white trail.  You’ll pass over a little bridge and head up the hill.  Mystery Point continues but you want to take the side road to the right.  The road crosses over the Metro train track and if you have little train lovers, its a great place to see and hear one.

You’re not allowed to go up to the big house anymore so look for the blue trail on the left.  You will soon bisect another red path.  If you look right, you’ll see a gate blocking the old trail to the house.  Keep going straight to the river.  (Ignore another trail that used to go right.)  Head left along the literal edge of the river.  It is a narrow path and would not be good for little walkers that can’t hold hands or follow directions.  You will go anywhere from 30 to 6 feet above the water.

Follow this precarious path for about a quarter of a mile.  Head up into the woods.  Keep an eye on the blue markers because there are lots of things that look like paths either from people bushwhacking or game trails.  When you come to the 4-way intersection, head right to make the largest loop.  You’ll follow southwest and the trail will loop back north. There are a few downed trees that you’ll have to climb over or under and it was a little overgrown at the end of summer 2015.  Ignore the trail to the left and continue until you come to the original intersection.  Hang a right to go back out to the road and train tracks.

If you want to make the hike longer, turn right onto Mystery Point Road (away from where you parked).  There are lots of old, decrepit buildings to view from the road.  You can turn left on red, yellow, or white trails to loop back to the parking lot.

The yellow adds an extra mile total and has some steep, very overgrown areas to traverse. It is a straight shot back to Mystery Point Road/white blazes.  Crossing the blue trail.


Facilities: none
Dogs: on leash

Map (well, a photo of one)


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