Fahnestock: Pelton Pond Loop


Location: Cold Spring
Distance: .8 miles
Skill Level: easy, good for little walkers
Elevation Gain: minimal
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: trial, rocky, steep drops
Wow Factor: nice views of the lake

How to get there: Located on 301, less than a mile west of the Taconic.  You’ll see a large sign and parking lot on the south side of the road (near the park office on the north side).

Address to get you close: 1087 Cold Spring Turnpike, Hopewell Junction, NY 12533


Summary: From the parking lot, head up the stairs by the kiosk toward the pavilion.  Head right on yellow and take in the views of the pond.  Look for beaver activity along the way.  You’ll follow the trail along the pond’s western side.

As you loop around the bottom, you’ll climb a little, steep area with drop offs into the water so hold hands if your kids are walking.  The trail stays close to the water with a few more edges overhanging the water.

A bridge a little higher on the hill might try to mislead you right on the white Appalachian Trail but you want to stay close to the water’s edge.

Cross over another wooden bridge and a small (seasonal) waterfall.

At the northern end of the pond, cross over the stone overpass and follow the trail left to a gravel road  and the restroom.

Here you can head back down to the parking lot or make a left on an unmarked trail back to the pavilion and the picnic tables and firepits.


Facilities: brick and mortar bathroom
Dogs: on leash



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