Peach Lake Natural Area, east side


Location: Brewster
Distance: 1 mile
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: minimal
Type of Hike: out-and-back
Trail Condition: marsh, boardwalk, wet
Wow Factor: cool walk through the swamp that looks like the jungle in summer
Note: very wet year round and not well maintained

How to get there: From 202 in Brewster, turn right onto Starr Ridge Rd.  Pass over 84.  Turn left on Cobb Road.  There is a little grassy area on the right and street parking around it.


Summary: From the little grassy area, head south pass the sign in.  This is the only real grassy and dry area.  You will soon come across a little ground cover that grows just high enough to hide the water and sticks.  If you go in the height of summer, the reeds will be grown up so high that it will be almost impossible to find the boardwalks without physically moving the reeds out of your way.  Beautiful but difficult and if you are wearing a baby (or two) they may get angry.

Follow the orangy-red markers until you come to the fork.  Head left, paralleling Cobb Rd.  The ground will change from wet to damp and dry near the handicap accessible trail.  The Birdwood Loop Trail was blocked by several downed trees in summer ’15 and inaccessible.

Once you come to the stream, check out the observation deck to look for birds (slippery when wet).  Then cross the bridge.  The rest of the hike is damp and muddy with lots of branches littering the easily-disappearing trail.  It dead ends at the stream again.  Turn around and head back.

When we were there in fall ’15, there was some trail maintenance going on but going on an unmarked trail toward Peach Lake Rd instead of Cobb where you parked.


Facilities: none


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