Saunders Farm


Location: Garrison

Distance: 1.5 miles

Skill Level: easy

Elevation Gain: 150′

Type of Hike: varied

Trail Condition: field

Wow Factor: huge sculptures in the middle of a working cattle farm


Note: Only open in the fall



How to get there: From the Annsville Circle, take 9 North about 6.5 miles.  Right on Frazier Rd.  Right Philipse Brook Rd.  Left on Old Albany Post Rd.  Parking area is on the left and in the middle of a pasture.  Here’s a street view of the unassuming gate that you have to open to enter and close behind you.  They usually have a little cow cutout when the art is up.

Address: 853 Old Albany Post Road, Garrison NY 10524


Summary: This is just a meander through the fields looking at exhibits.  There is a loose path but you basically go where you are interested.  There are sometimes maps and they ask that you put them back when you’re done for the next person

From the parking area, head up toward the exhibits.  Head through the half dozen or so to the gate.  You’ll cross over some rocks from the old stone wall.  Remember to always leave the gates like you found them.

Climb the hill of the second pasture.  The exhibits can be spread out so hit the ones on the right side going up and left going down.  You can get as close as you want.

Keep the fence in sight on your right because the next gate is on top of the hill on the right.

Head through to the largest pasture.  Now the path is up to you.  I like to follow the right side going and left coming in a counterclockwise path.  Keep an eye out for the cows as they will probably be the highlight with your little ones.

On top of the hill, there will be some nice views of the distance.  There is one gate that leads to a little, almost secret exhibit and a tiny view of the Hudson.


Facilities: no
Hunting: no
Dogs: no
Stroller-able: yes (but the pastures are not manicured and there is one gate that has a rocky crossing)


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