Angle Fly Preserve

From the Reis Park parking lot


Location: Somers
Distance: 2.8 miles, option for more or less
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 250′
Type of Hike: lollipop
Trail Condition: trail, road, thorny
Wow Factor: graveyard view
Note: thorn bushes grow pretty rampant in the first part of the hike in summer

How to get there: From 202 or 100, head onto 139.  Reis park is almost in the middle on the east side in the same parking lot as the Somers Library


Summary: From the parking lot, walk down the lane between the tennis courts.  Hang a right and cross left through an old stone wall by the kiosk.  The blue trail will take you next to an old graveyard and through the trees.  As you come out of the trees and through the field, watch for pricker bushes, especially during summer (babies and I all got cut up from the wineberry bushes).  But it’s only a quarter of a mile through this.

You’ll snake down through the field to the road.  Make a left on Plum Brook Rd and follow it around the right curve and all the way till the next left curve.  Before you take that left, you’ll pass a house behind a fence with a big barn/garage–the trail is just past it to the right.

You’re still on the blue trail and it will head around the corner and up the hill.  You can take the blazed path through the trees to the right or just go straight south on the old woods road, climbing under the fallen tree.  They will meet back up and you will have a stone wall to your left and a field to the right.

Head straight onto green.  You’ll leave the field and head into the trees, passing an orange marker at around 3/4 mile from the start (if you want to cut your hike by about 3/4 of a mile, skip ahead and just do the orange>blue loop instead of the green).  Keep going straight south.  At the green fork, take either side to complete the loop.  There are some swampy areas with boardwalks and a tiny view of a brown pond.

Complete the loop and go back the way you came on green.  (If you want to add 3/4 of a mile, hang a left on orange, then right on blue.  It’ll take you down into a little marshy valley and over some boardwalks.)

Turn straight/right/north on blue, take it back to the road and head left around the corner, back up into the field and let the kids play at the playground.  There are picnic tables and a concession stand (check for hours).  They have a fenced in totscape and two larger structures for bigger kids, swings, and a climbing area.


Facilities: concessions


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