Dover Stone Church


Location: Dover
Distance: 1.25 miles, option for more
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 200′
Type of Hike: out-and-back
Trail Condition: paved, gravel, trail, steps, rocky
Wow Factor: 30′ waterfall inside a cave
Note: no dedicated parking but places that allow it

How to get there: There is no dedicated parking area but several places that allow it.  I like to park at Dover Elementary School.  Take I684 North until it becomes 22.  Follow 22 for about 25 miles (pass the rundown brick building and the horse rescue).  Make a right on School St.  Park at Dover Elementary School parking lot on the right.  There are a few dedicated spots for visitors.
Address: 9 School St, Dover Plains, NY



From the school parking lot, cross School St.

Use the cross walk to cross 22.

Make a right and head north a few houses.

There is a blue “Dover Stone Church” sign with an arrow pointing left.

Head up a gravel road between two houses that looks like a driveway because it is, but is called Stone Church Lane.

Go to the top and you’ll see the big, triangular sign and the steps down to the large field.

Head down and cross the field and up the second set of stairs.  (There are a few random paths in the field but I have no idea where they lead.)

When you come to the kiosk(s), head left through the trees and meander down the stream.

Cross the bridge and hug the vegetation on the right.

You’ll see the sign post marking 3 trails going to the left–Keep straight.

Take the narrow path around the large boulder with the stream to your right.

Keep heading up the rocky path until you see the Stone Church.

You can go inside but the rocks are slippery when wet and some move under you.

Take lots of pictures and head back the way you came.

Facilities: none


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