Marsh Memorial Sanctuary


Location: Mt Kisco
Distance: 1.8 miles, option for less
Skill Level: easy to moderate
Elevation Gain: 300′
Type of Hike: barbell
Trail Condition: trail, field, rocky
Wow Factor: ampitheatre

How to get there: From 684, take Exit 4.  Head west on 172 for a mile.  Turn left on Sarles St.  You’ll pass Linden Ln on the left.  The small driveway is on the right just past.  The entrance is easy to miss.  Here’s a street view.  There is parking on 172 but it’s a small lot and a busy road.

Address to get you close: 74 Sarles St, Mt Kisco


Summary: From the parking area, head south on orange/black, away from the driveway, to get the harder section over with first.  You’ll cross the stream and head toward the pond.

Skirt the pond and turn down its west side then start your assent up the hill on blue/green trail to the right.  Less than a quarter of a mile will bring you to the top of the hill.

Follow the trail as it loops back around, passing a private road and showing views of Mt Kisco in the winter.  Pick up the orange/black trail on the way back down.  Take a breather on the little bench by the pond.  This loop of the hike was about 3/4 mile and has the highest elevation gain and loss.  Feel free to just do this part or…


Head back to your car and pass it.  Cross the driveway and pick up the red trail.  You’ll climb your way to the fork.

Head right on red.  This will take you to the ampitheatre.  A fun place to check out with kids.  This is also where you would start if you parked on 172.

Follow the trail pass the ampitheatre on orange/black.  It will round back to pass the yellow and take you back to the fork with red that you came in on.  Follow red right back to the parking lot.  Feel free to just do this easier portion for a shorter, one mile hike.


Facilities: none


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