Hearst-Mead Preserves

Connects to O’Donohue and Halmi Preserves from Mountain Lakes Park


Location: North Salem
Distance: 4 miles
Skill Level: moderate
Elevation Gain: 450′
Type of Hike: lollipop
Trail Condition: gravel, trail, rocky
Wow Factor: great workout with a baby on your back

How to get there: From I684, take Exit 7 east.  Turn left/north on 22 and immediately, veer right on 116.  Follow past the North Salem Library.  Right on June Rd > Hawley Rd.  Follow Hawley a little over half a mile and the small parking triangle will be on the left.  Here’s a street view.

Address to get you close: 397 Hawley Rd, North Salem


Summary: From the parking loop, head around the gate and up the orange trail.  You’ll cross over the pond and come to a fork.  Head left on orange.

Follow the wide, gravel road uphill about half a mile to an informational sign next to the NS trail (North Salem Trail).  It will turn into the red trail for the Hearst-Mead Preserve.

The red trail will fork and you can go either direction for the loop.  (If you want to make the hike shorter, just do an out-and-back on the right/east side.)

Turn on yellow and follow it downhill.  It will join with white and separate again.  Keep following yellow over half a mile.  It will dead end at white.

Head right on white about 1/4 mile.

Turn left on orange and follow it for another 1/4 mile.

Left back on white.  Follow white until it comes to the fork with yellow and yellow/white. Head south/left on yellow.  Yellow will dead end at red.  Take the opposite branch from the one you came in on.

As red closes the loop, hang a right to climb back to the NS trail and into Mountain Lakes.

Right on orange and head back down the road to the car.




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