Choate Sanctuary


Location: Mt. Kisco
Distance: 1.5 miles
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 150′
Type of Hike: partial loop
Trail Condition: paved, trail
Wow Factor: nice workout
Note: A lot of the spray painted markers are worn (3/2016), especially the white, so keep your eyes open.

How to get there: From 684, take the Saw Mill to exit 34.  Follow the road right onto Parkview Pl.  Left on West Main St/133.  There is parking at Presbyterian Church of Mount Kisco on the left, being respectful of their services and activites.


Summary: From the parking lot, cross 133 and onto Crow Hill Rd.  A short walk up Crow Hill and you’ll see the entrance and a kiosk on the left.  Follow white over the bridge.

At the fork, make a left on yellow and climb the first hill.  The map makes this look like the high point but it’s not.

Follow left on white and left on white again.  Climb to the real highest point.  Start heading down until you come to blue.

Left on blue and follow it all the way around as it loops back to this spot.

Head left/south on blue the way you came.

Blue dead ends at white.  You went right to the top of the hill so follow left for the easier, shorter, downhill portion.  Stay on white, passing white then yellow twice.  Cross over the bridge and head back on the road to the church.


Facilities: none
Hunting: no
Dogs: on leash


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