Muscoot Farm


Location: Katonah
Distance: 2.5 miles, option for more or less
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 200′
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: trail, rocky, grass, gravel
Wow Factor: ends with a farm
Note: opening and closing times are strictly observed

How to get there: From 684, take 35 West.  Turn left on 100.  Farm is on the right a few miles down.  There is a large white house and a brown sign by the entrance.


Summary: From the parking lot, head through the gate to follow the road away from Route 100 (not through the stone wall to the white buildings).  Follow the gravel road down the hill and around the back of the farm.  Follow the road left, away from the animals.

Pass the education center on your left.  Turn left to follow yellow into the woods.  Come to a 4-way intersection with white and yellow.  Continue straight on yellow and begin your climb up the hill.

After about a quarter of a mile, you’ll come to the blue and yellow fork.  Take blue right and continue up the hill.  Blue will dead end at yellow about a mile from the parking lot.

From here you can go right or left to complete the loop.  Both are around 2.5 miles.

Head left and follow a flat, grassy path downhill.  You’ll enter the trees again and continue down, over some rocky sections.

At the fork, head right/straight on white.  It’ll loop you down and around, past yellow.  At the 4-way intersection, head right on red back to the farm.

OR Head right and head north.  You’ll pass a woods road and shortly after the green trail (you can take this to cut a tiny bit off).  Follow yellow through the edge of the forest.

Follow yellow into the field.  Head up the hill to the gazebo.  A cute place to take a little break.

Head right on the unmarked trail (not the gravel road) just past the gazebo.

Follow it a short distance to the blue trail.  Head left/south.  You’ll pass the little pond.  Check out the dock and look for animals.

You’ll come to the 4-way intersection.  Make a left on red back to the farm.

(If you do the entire perimeter, its about 4 miles.)


Facilities: restrooms, concessions
Hunting: no
Dogs: no



Map and trail review

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