Halle Ravine


Location: Pound Ridge
Distance: 1.5 miles
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 150′
Type of Hike: partial loops
Trail Condition: trail, rocky, bridges
Wow Factor: 6′ waterfall, stream crossings
Note: street parking

How to get there: From 684, take exit 5.  Follow 35 east.  Right onto 121.  Left on 137.  At the triangle, make a left on 124.  First right onto Trinity Pass Rd.  There is a small section in the curve of the road, with street parking for about 3 cars, just before the triangle with Donbrook Rd.  Here’s a street view.  It’s hard to get to the passenger door with the little stone wall.

Address to get you close: 233 Trinity Pass, Pound Ridge, NY 10576


Summary: From the parking area, head through the wall to the trail.  Follow the right path, past the kiosk, and uphill slightly.  This higher, wide, fairly flat trail has some nice large boulders above.

The trail will make a left, and head down closer to the stream.  Follow the path right at the fork, keeping the stream at your left.

Stick to the right when the trail splits and you’ll cross over the last bridge.  The trail will split, head right again.  You’ll pass the marsh and start climbing.

The trail will split again.  Keep to the right, climb up a short, steep section with a large boulder exposed on the ground.  (From here, there the trail forks and continues to the right but it is unmarked.  It forks at the base of a large, steep hill and once you get to the top, the trail disappears.)

Follow the trail left around a small loop.  You head downhill on higher ground than the path you took up.

It will close the loop.  Head the way you just came, past the marsh and back to the stream.

Pass the fork on the left and the bridge you crossed.  Continue straight/right, following the stream.

Cross the stream again and head right on the trail you already trod.

Hang a right at the next fork, and cross the stream again.

You’ll cross the stream twice more, always following the marked trail right.  There is one section where the trail is a little washed out.  We were able to make it on rocks and sticks but it may be too wet after heavy rains.  Begin your ascent.  There are some wooden 4x4s to help make steps on the steeper sections.

Continue right and you’ll pass the southern end of a little pond.  There is a 6′ waterfall spilling over the dam.

Climb the hill and head right once more onto the path that leads you back to the cars.


Facilities: none



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