Croton Point Park


Location: Croton-on-Hudson
Distance: 2 miles
Skill Level: easy, good for little walkers
Elevation Gain: 150′
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: paved, gravel
Wow Factor: views of the Hudson
Note: paid parking seasonally, no shade on the hike

How to get there: From the Taconic, take 134-W.  Turn right onto 9A-N.  Continue onto 9.  Take the exit for Croton Point Ave.  Turn left onto Croton Point Ave and follow the road into the park.  Go past the toll house and drive down to the large parking area.  There is a larger playground for bigger kids straight ahead.  If you go to the far side of the lot, past the center island, there is a smaller playground, great for 1-5 year olds.


Summary: From the parking lot, head back to the road, away from the entrance.  At about a quarter of a mile from the exit of the lot, you’ll see a chain across a gravel road heading uphill.

Get on the gravel path and start your ascent to get the harder part over first.

The entire hike is gravel and sunny.  It’s built on top of an old dump but has nice views of the water on both sides.

Follow the path straight until it ends at a T.  Both sides are about the same distance but the right side doesn’t have traffic sights and sounds and you may be able to see the train.

Either direction brings you back to the starting point at the chain across the road.  Head right down the road to the parking lot.

If you want to check out the nature center, head toward the gazebo.  Walk to the right of it, following the sidewalk.  Make a left on the broken paved/gravel road and take it up the hill.  It’s about half a mile round trip from the gazebo.


Facilities: restrooms
Hunting: no
Dogs: on leash


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