Armstrong Preserve

Also covers Richards Preserve


Location: Pound Ridge
Distance: 2 miles
Skill Level: easy to moderate
Elevation Gain: 250′
Type of Hike: lollipop
Trail Condition: trail, grass, rocky
Wow Factor: better than being inside

How to get there: From I684, take 35 East.  Turn right on 121.  Pass Ward Pound Ridge Reservation and Honey Hollow Road.  The preserve will be on the left.  There is a small parking area up the hill for 2-3 cars and you can park on the road.  You shouldn’t park at the Armstrong House.


Summary: From the parking area, head into the preserve on yellow.  You’ll pass the solar panels for the Armstrong House and a vernal pool.  Pass white to the right for now.

Follow yellow downhill toward the reservoir.  You’re not supposed to get close since its not on preserve property and the DEP just allows this trail to connect Armstrong to Richards Preserves.

Start your ascent and at the white fork, take either path as it makes a loop.  Going left makes the steeper portion your downhill.

Close the half mile white circle and turn back on yellow, going back the way you came.

When you get close to the beginning, make a right onto white and complete the almost half mile loop.

Turn right on yellow to head back to the parking area.


Facilities: none
Hunting: no
Dogs: on leash


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