Pruyn Arboretum Sanctuary


Location: Chappaqua
Distance: 2 miles
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 100′
Type of Hike: partial loops
Trail Condition: trail, rocky, boardwalk
Wow Factor: swamp is pretty in the spring, arboretum in bloom in summer

How to get there: From the Taconic, take Route 133 East.  Follow 133 as it turns and bears for less than 2 miles.  The entrance to the sanctuary will be on the right.  Additional parking is located just past on Woodmill Rd.

Address: 275 Millwood Road


Summary: From the parking area on Millwood, head left on green.  In about .25 mile, you’ll make a sharp left turn and pass a bird blind that is lots of fun to play in for a bit.  Green will soon end at white.

Make a left on white.  If you follow white past the blue turn, you will come to the Woodmill entrance.

Turn right on blue (left if you’re coming from Woodmill) and start your ascent up a short but steep section.

Bear left on yellow and follow it the long way around until it dead ends at blue.

Make a left on blue.  Continue on blue until it ends at the intersection with white and green.  (You can chose to go straight on green for a shorter hike.)

Go left on white and head uphill.

Bear right on red.

Go a short distance and take the orange trail.  Follow it down until it splits and take either fork to complete a small loop.

Come back to the red trail and head right.  Red ends at the white trail.

Head right on white for a few minutes.  When it splits, hang a left.

Follow white as it splits again.  Head right on the same trail you came in on.

At the intersection with blue and green, turn left on green.

Follow green through the swamp and boardwalks, past the pond and up to the arboretum, keeping left at all the forks.

In season, the arboretum could be a great place to explore.  Once you’re done, follow green back to the parking lot.  (If you parked on Woodmill, continue from the top.)


Facilities: none
Hunting: no
Dogs: on leash


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