Stamford Museum and Nature Center


Location: Stamford, CT
Distance: 1 mile
Skill Level: easy, good for little walkers
Elevation Gain: 100′
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: trail, rocky, muddy, boardwalk
Wow Factor: ends at a playground and farm
Note: paid entrance

How to get there: From I684, take the Hutchinson Parkway North.  It becomes Route 15/Merrit Parkway.  Take exit 35, High Ridge Road North.  The center is on the left.


Summary: Whether you park near the lake or in the overflow lot, head up around the far side of the museum building.  Walk up the path to the right of the nursery.

Pick up the blue trail and head up the hill.  You’ll pass the stone tower.  Follow blue for about half a mile until it ends at the red T intersection.

Make a right on red and head north.  (If you keep going, you can enter the Bartlett Arboretum.)

At the green trail, make a left and head back south.  The green trail is a little swampy as it borders the marsh.

At the large 4-way intersection, hang a right on red.

When red ends, hop on the quarter mile boardwalk.  It is split with a wide gravel road.  You can choose to hit up the playground now or continue the last section of the boardwalk to the nature center.  You can also cross the street from the nature center and visit the farm.


Facilities: restrooms
Hunting: no


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