Danner Family Preserve


Location: Mahopac/Yorktown
Distance: .9 mile
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 100′
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: grass, trail
Wow Factor: view of the valley

How to get there: From the Taconic, take US 6 East.  Make a left onto East Main St.  Left onto Indian Hill Rd.  Pass the Donald Trump Park on the right.  The small green sign for Danner Preserve will be on the right.  There is no real parking but you can get about 3 cars up on the grass and out of the road.


Summary: From the sign, cross over the gate and head up a wide, mowed path.  The map has different color trails but everything is blazed green.  The Meadow Loop is easy and stroller doable.

You will see a sign for the Putnam/Westchester County lines.  The orange (green) Cemetery Trail head right and we’ll come back that way.

Continue forward a few steps and the Meadow loop splits.  You can take either side to complete it.  This area is all short trees and underbrush.

At the far end of the Meadow Loop, the blue (green) Woodland loop heads south.  It makes a straight shot through the trees to the cleared area beneath the power lines and a nice view of the valley and town.

Turn away from the lines and make a left.  This section is not well maintained (4/2016).  It heads down a rocky area and swings back around.  There are a few large boulders that would be fun for kids to climb on. It heads back up to the start of the Woodland Trail.

Head left for a few steps.  Finish the opposite side of the Meadow Loop.

At the Putnam/Westchester sign, hang a left on the orange (green) Cemetery Trail.  The entrance is very overgrown with pricker bushes but opens back up after a little way.  You’ll pass a rectangular wall that I assume is the cemetery but I didn’t see any headstones.  There was a large fallen tree that will take climbing over and under or around through the bushes.

The trail ends at the road.  Make a right and follow it back to the car.


Facilities: none
Dogs: under control of owner



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