Chamber Park Playground


Location: Mahopac
Parking: small lot, street parking
Traffic: moderate
Fee: none

Suggested Age: 6-12
Tot Friendly: no
Gated: no
Sandbox: no
Swings/Baby Swings: 2/2
Play equipment: swinging bridge, balance beam, one slide, spider web, brick path, gazebo


I can’t give an adequate review for this playground as it would have been unmanageable with twin toddlers by myself.

It was a small park in a great location but there is only a split rail fence between the playground and the side road that is 10′ away.  The little road is surprisingly busy with no cars going slow.  6N was far enough away to not be a problem.

The play structure has climbing posts and stairs.  The small platform is about 4′ high but has openings on both sides before the slide.  There is a spider web connected to one side and a balance seat on the other.  A wooden balance beam is in the middle.  There is a large swinging bridge with planks spread far apart for big kids.  Also, a spinning seat.

The gazebo has handicap access and is a fun place to run around.

The brick path would be great for little scooters or bikes (I didn’t see signs prohibiting it but check for yourself).  The water is a little way away and a nice place to skip stones or sit for a picnic.

Ground cover: wood chips
Shade: no
Concessions: no but restaurants in walking distance
Picnic Tables: yes
Fields/Courts: small open area

Water feature: pond and canal

How to get there: From Route 6 in Mahopac, turn onto 6N.  The parking lot is almost immediately to the right.

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