Fox Hill Playground at Ward


Location: Pound Ridge
Parking: large lot
Traffic: empty during school year weekday
Fee: paid entrance

Suggested Age: 2-5
Tot friendly: yes
Gated: no, but isolated
Sandbox: no
Swings/Baby Swings: just one tire swing
Play equipment: two climbing structures, 4 slides, easy climbing wall, movable play parts


This was a great park for four one-year-olds.  It took a bit of a walk down the gravel road from the parking lot but it was completely enclosed in the trees, had tons of picnic tables, and a permanent bathroom.  The playground isn’t fenced in but its away from the parking lot and road, near the hiking trail.  Its set near the trees but there is not a lot of undergrowth so you could see if they started to wander.

The play structures are low and easy to climb, with the highest opening about five feet.  The smaller set is about three feet high and has two slides.  Perfect size for a little one.  The bigger set has a double slide, moving parts to play with, and a place to play underneath.

Ground cover: used to be wood chips…now mostly dirt
Shady: yes
Restrooms: yes
Concessions: no
Picnic Tables: yes
Fields/Courts: large grassy area nearby

Water Feature: none
Dogs: allowed on leash

How to get there: From 684, head east on 35.  Make a right on 121 and almost immediately make a left into Ward Pound Ridge Reservation.  Head to the gatehouse to pay $10 and east along the main road.  Pass Michigan Rd on the right.  The next left is the parking lot.  You can’t see the playground from the lot.  Walk up the gravel road to the right/entrance of the parking lot.

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