Leonard Park Playground


Location: Mt Kisco
Parking: large lot
Traffic: busy year-round, especially in summer when pool is open
Fee: none

Suggested Age: 2-12
Tot Friendly: yes
Gated: no, split rail between playground and road and some fencing up to border stream
Sandbox: yes
Swings/Baby Swings: 4/4
Play equipment: 3 play structures, bouncy seats, climbing wall, sandbox, swings, seesaw (under construction 3/2016)


This was a great park, with tons to do.  It was a bit too spread out for twin toddlers but has something for every age, including hiking before or after.  A blacktop path meanders through the entire football length playground which would be great for riding bikes and scooters (I didn’t see any signs against it but check for yourself).  There are picnic tables and benches scattered throughout.  There is only a split rail fence to block the road and parts of the stream–some sections are open.

Closest to the parking lot, there is a huge sand pit with a small play set and bouncy seats.  There are no sand toys except for a few shovels that are handcuffed to the play set.  This area is in full sun all day.

There are four baby swings parallel to the sand pit and smaller play structure.  The 2-5 play set has two slides, climbing bars, monkey bars, and bouncy seats.  The highest platform is about 5′.

There is a large gap between the small and large play set.  The 6-12 area is older and a little worn.  The platforms are over 10′.  That side has a few slides, tunnels, climbing parts, and is difficult for little ones to get on.

On the big side are big swings, a large climbing wall, and an under construction 4 person seesaw.  This whole area is partly shaded even at midday.

Ground cover: wood chips
Shade: half
Fountains: yes
Restrooms: no
Concessions: no
Picnic Tables: yes
Fields/Courts: yes

Water feature: Memorial Pool, seasonally
Dogs: allowed on leash

How to get there: From 684, take exit 4. Take 172 West.  Make a left on Wallace Dr (just before the intersection with Westchester Medical Hospital).  There is no entrance from 117/Main St.  Follow the road down to the baseball fields.  Make a left and cross over the small stream.  Park near the playground.

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