Little Stony Point


Location: Cold Stone
Distance: 1.25 miles
Skill Level: easy, good for little walkers
Elevation Gain: minimal
Type of Hike: lillipop
Trail Condition: gravel, paved, sand, trail, rocky
Wow Factor: the views

How to get there: From Cold Spring and 301, head north on 9D.  Follow it a short distance.  There is a small sign on the left and a few spots.  There is a larger lot on the right.  If you hit the tunnel, you went too far.


Head up the short hill into the park.  Cross over the bridge and watch for trains to go directly under you.

After crossing the bridge, the trail goes either way for a loop.  Hang a right on the wide gravel path.

Head right again at the next fork.

Go a little further to the next fork.  Head left (away from the little kiosk with a green roof).

Fork left again and you’ll see the water through the trees.

Spend a good amount of time here exploring but keep an eye open.  There is a ton of litter and sometimes people sleeping.  It is also very crowded on weekends in the summer.

Follow the beach to the left and just before it ends, hang a left.

You’ll walk through the trees a bit and come to a fork.

Head right into the open area.  This trail splits but both lead to the same spot–one hugs the rocks and trees and can be more shady.

Walk a little further after the trails meet back up.  Look along the rock face on the left for an old mining cave.  There is some broken glass around the mouth but it is an interesting place to check out.  We haven’t made it all the way to the back but I heard it doesn’t open up much more and goes 20-30 feet.

Continue the loop.  There are a few more small beach areas to check out if you want.

Before you get to the bridge heading to the cars, there is a small, overgrown path to the left.  It is very narrow for just a short distance then opens up under the trees to a gravel path.  This head up to the top of the hill and definitely worth the trip.  You get great views without a lot of work.

Once you get almost to the top, you can come out of the trees to the left and watch the trains go by.  Then pick your way to the very top.  There are some great rocks to climb but watch your kids near the edges.

Head back down and cross the bridge back to the parking area.

Facilities: none
Hunting: no

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