Mahopac School District Nature Trail


Location: Mahopac
Distance: 1 mile
Skill Level: easy, good for little walkers, possibly stroller friendly
Elevation Gain: minimal
Type of Hike: lollipop
Trail Condition: paved, trail, grass, mulch
Wow Factor: perfect size for little kids
Note: for use only when school is out

How to get there: From the Taconic, take Route 6 East.  Turn right onto Croton Falls Road.  Left on Mud Pond Rd (across from the police station).  There is parking along the bike path.


From the parking area, head straight into the woods on the bike path (away from Croton Falls Rd).  You’ll walk just over a quarter of a mile.

The trail can be hard to find so keep your eyes peeled.  There is a kiosk (pictured below) set back in the trees and a well worn but unmarked path to it.

The trail opens up with a wide, mulched path.  At the split, head right, away from the school.  The trail is just over 1/4 mile and has several stations that the school uses.  Some of it is rundown and falling apart so keep an eye out.

The trail ends at the soccer field.  There are two playground you can access from here.  One to the right and one straight.

If you wish to end your hike, head left between the treeline and the field.  You’ll come to the trail head, pass the kiosk, and turn left back on the bike path to head back to your car.

Facilities: none
Hunting: no



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