Tilly Foster

Yellow trail on the farm side


Location: Brewster
Distance: 1 mile
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: minimal
Type of Hike: lollipop
Trail Condition: gravel, grass, trail
Wow Factor: ends with animals
Note: website says it is permanently closed but it was bought by Putnam County

How to get there: From I84, take exit 19.  Follow 312 West for a short distance.  The farm will be on the right.  Park to the left of the barn straight up the drive.
Address 100 NY 312, Brewster


Head up to the top of the road, with the barn on your right and fence on your left.

Turn left and follow the gravel road downhill.

About halfway there is a lone tree on the left.  Opposite that, there is a little land bridge where you can cross the ditch and enter the woods.  Pick up the yellow trail but keep in mind the entire side and all the loops are all yellow.

Veer right almost immediately at the Y intersection and head uphill, staying right at any other forks.  There are two benches where you can take a break but the hill is not very high or long.

Climb to the top of the hill and as you see the fence, take the T turn left (do not follow directly next to the fence).

Head downhill and keep making rights or straight.

At the T intersection, head right.

At the Y intersection, head right.

Cross the boardwalk and keep straight.

At the Y intersection, head right over the little bridge.

You’ll see an open field ahead.  Make a left onto the old dirt and grass road (not in the field itself).

Follow it until it hits the gravel road.

Turn left on the road and take it up the hill back to the farm.

Check out the pigs, chickens, horses, and alpacas.  Picnic on the benches or under one of the trees.

Dogs: no


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