Farrell-Ross Preserve


Location: Brewster
Distance: 1.5 miles
Skill Level: easy, good for little walkers
Elevation Gain: 100′
Type of Hike: partial loops
Trail Condition: grass, boardwalk, swampy, rocky, trail
Wow Factor: there is a really cool tree that “melted” to a rock

How to get there: Take I684 North until it becomes 22 North.  Turn right on Milltown Rd.  Go about 2 miles.  The tiny, grassy parking area is on the left.  There is a long rectangle sign but its small and easy to miss.


From the parking area, head to the left side.

Cross the bridge and head into the woods, picking up the red trail.

Walk over some boardwalks and start a short ascent up the hill.  Pass both yellow trails to the right.

At the top of the hill, you will see an old fire pit and some chairs and benches scattered around (no camping now).

When you come to the split in the trail, head left to complete the loop.  Keep an eye out to the right side of the trail for the large rock face.  There is a tree about half way down that grew too close to the rock and looks like playdough flattened out on either side.

When you reach the start of the loop, head left back the way you came.

Watch for the yellow trail to the left.  Follow it down the rock wall.  I found it a little tricky to find the yellow markers in the green trees.

Pass through a fern growth and follow the trail left (don’t go right through the stone wall unless you want to cut most of the trail off).

Head up a little bit and follow yellow as it curves back around.  You’ll pass an old foundation.  Keep following downhill until you hit the red trail.

Head left on red and follow it back to the start.

Facilities: none
Hunting: no


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