Butler Memorial Sanctuary


Location: Mt. Kisco
Distance: 3 miles
Skill Level: moderate
Elevation Gain: 300′
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: trail, rocky, dirt
Wow Factor: bird of prey viewing platform

How to get there: From I648, take exit 4.  Follow 172 West.  Turn left at the first street onto Chestnut Ridge Rd.  You’ll cross over 684.  Make a right at the sign for Butler (across from Westmoreland).  Go back over 684 and park on the left.


From the parking area, head through the break in the middle of the fence.

Follow the red trail a short distance.

Make a right on orange and up and down and up and down until it dead ends on red.

Make a right on red.

Red will end and become yellow.  Follow yellow as it turns left and goes south and heads down a short but very steep grade.

Orange will split to the right and meet back up with yellow.  You can take either path as they are just about the same distance.

Continue following yellow as it starts its slow climb back up and heads back toward 684.

Yellow will end at orange and there will be a small trail to the right that heads to the Hawkwatch grandstand.  Even if you don’t see birds, there are pictures on the railing wall.

Follow orange back down to the parking area.

Facilities: none


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