Onatru Playground


Location: South Salem
Parking: large lot
Traffic: empty
Fee: none

Suggested Age: 2-12
Tot Friendly: a small portion
Gated: partially
Sandbox: no
Swings/Baby Swings: 2/2
Play equipment: slides, monkey bars, tunnel, ladders


From the parking lot, head down the handicap path.  The playground is to the left of the large white barns.  There is a field directly behind the playground and another one across the lane that leads to the hiking trails.

The play structure is incredibly tall.  It has 10′ or higher slides but is completely enclosed when the platforms go over about 6′.  The entrance with the stairs has a small section to the left for smaller kids.  It has a tunnel and a short slide.

From the stairs, if you go right there are 3 large slides-straight, open corkscrew, curved tunnel.  The 4th tall slide has no steps and has to be accessed from monkey bars or ladders.

There are a few things on the ground level like benches and talking tubes but no movable parts.

Ground cover: wood chips
Shade: none
Fountains: no
Restrooms: yes
Concessions: no
Picnic Tables: benches
Fields/Courts: field right next to it and several all around

Water feature: no
Dogs: on leash

How to get there: From 684, head east on 35.  Turn right on 123 and head south for 2 miles.  Turn left on Shady Lane.  Left on Elmwood Rd.  The park will be on your right.  Head to the far parking lot and park near the playground.

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