Crawbuckie Park


Location: Ossining
Distance: 1 mile
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 100′
Type of Hike: lollipop
Trail Condition: dirt, trail, grass
Wow Factor: view of the Hudson
Note: there is a Story Walk as of Fall ’16

How to get there: From Rt 9 (south of 9A), make a right onto Beach Rd.  Follow it right and go to the parking lot at the end.
Address to get you close: 99 Beach Rd, Ossining


From the parking lot, head to the kiosk to check out the very faded map.  The trail is well maintained but unmarked.

Go straight down the path.  There was a Story Walk installed Fall of ’16 which has pages of a book posted on boards every 20 feet or so for a quarter mile.  It ends with a sign in box and a bench with a nice view of the Hudson.

Keep going over a few bridges and up the stairs.

Hang a right at the fork at the top.

There is a short side trail to the left.  You can go check out the huge bird feeder and the little clearing with benches.  Head back to the main trail and follow it left.

You’ll past 2 overlooks.  The trail passes another path to the left that you’ll need to take to finish the loop (if you go straight you will go to the last view point and a third path to the left but that leads to an industrial area).

Follow the trail  past enormous trees that are fenced in and part of the old property.  (There is a path to the right near the second tree that will take you out to the road to walk back to the parking lot.)

Continue straight back to the fork at the top of the stairs.  Follow the same trail back to the parking lot.

Facilities: porta potty
Dogs: on leash



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