Long Pond Preserve


Location: Waccabuc
Distance: 1.25 miles
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 50′
Type of Hike: lollipop
Trail Condition: paved, grass, trail, boardwalk
Wow Factor: views of the lake

How to get there: From I684, take exit 6.  Follow 35 East.  Make a left on Mead St and follow it up past the golf course.  You’ll see the lake down on the right and there is a small parking area between signs on the left just before the chapel.  It can hold 3-6 cars depending on hoe people park.


From the parking area, walk up the street toward the chapel.  Cross the street just before Chapel Rd and go past the gate.

Follow the mowed path down the hill, skirting the treeline.

Keep going on yellow as you cut in front of the lake and cross several short boardwalks.  There are some great streams in here for exploration.

Head into the trees and keep following the trail.  You’ll be able to follow a side trail to the right and go right to the water’s edge.  There are no swimming signs posted but it would be a great area to watch for fish or go pond dipping.

Keep heading up the hill until you come to a fork.

Hang a left down toward the lake, passing old ice house machinery and foundation.

Keep following yellow markers until you reach the pine tree line and fire pits.

The trail loops back around to the fork.

Follow the same path back to the road.

Facilities: portapotty


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