Leonard Wagner Memorial Park

Also called Putnam Valley Town Park


Location: Putnam Valley
Distance: .75 mile
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: minimal
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: wood chips, trail, gravel
Wow Factor: ends in a playground

How to get there: From the Taconic State Parkway, take the Mahopac/Shrub Oak exit.  Follow Route 6 West.  Turn right onto Strawberry Rd.  Right onto Foothill St.  Left Peekskill Hollow Rd.  Right Oscawana Lake Rd.  The park will be on the right.  (Some GPS will take you to town hall which is a little further on the left.)  Drive up to the large lot near the football field.
Address: 156 Oscawana Lake Rd


From the parking lot, head away from it, crossing the road and picking up the trail next to the kiosk near the stop sign.

Head right into the trees and up the hill following blue trail, keeping the senior center on your right.

At the T intersection, keep right following the blue arrow.

At the next fork, hang left (right takes you up a short hill to a reservoir).

This continues until you see signs saying you can’t go straight.

Make a right and after a short distance, you’ll exit the trees behind a baseball field.  Walk down the length and make a right and walk along the side of it.

Climb up the hill and you’ll enter the parking lot again.

If you make a left there is a nice playground and further on is a smaller one geared for younger children.  There are also several fields and courts to play in.

Dogs: not in any fenced area but there is a dog park

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