Madam Brett Park


Location: Beacon
Distance: 1.5 miles, option for more
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 50′
Type of Hike: out-and-back, lollipop
Trail Condition: gravel, dirt
Wow Factor: wide waterfall and long boardwalk

How to get there:  From I84, take exit 11.  Follow 9D South/Wolcott Ave.  Make a right on South Ave.  Turn left to stay on South Ave.  Then right to stay on South Ave, going under a one lane railroad bridge.  Head down to the end and the parking lot is on the left.


From the parking lot, head toward the water and pick up the crushed gravel path.  You can head left to the waterfall or right over the boardwalk.

I like to go right first (to save the waterfall for the big finish).  Go behind the barriers and check out the dismantled bridge and creepy sign saying some fish and crabs may be harmful to eat…

Walk down the boardwalk.  The first half, with the 20′ drops into rushing water has very wide railing so watch the little ones.  Check out the old grist mill ruins on the right.

The boardwalk ends at more gravel following the white trail.  Head downhill for a few minutes.

The red trail will start on the left and head down into the trees to the edge of the water.  There are some short boardwalks on the red trail and a platform built at the edge of the water to take in the views.

Walk back up and join the white gravel trail again.  (You can head right and go back from here.)

Make a left on the white trail.  There is a bench if you need a break and the marsh overlook, which isn’t spectacular.

You can keep going to the bridge and cross over to join Dennings Point but that is closed for repair as of 5/2017.

Head back along the white trail until you reach the boardwalk and parking lot.

Keep going on the gravel path past the parking lot and kiosk.  You’ll hear the waterfall through the trees and will be able to see it in the winter.

There is a small spur to the right to take you down to the river’s edge to get a nice view of the cascades.  When you’ve seen it from the bottom, head back up and keep going to see it from the top.

There is a viewing platform to hang out and take in the falls.  This is the end of what the map shows….

On the upper platform, there is a “bridge” and no sign in sight that says you should go that way (as of 5/2017).  If you’re feeling brave, go check it out.

Head over the bridge and walk along the old barrier wall.  The edges can be steep on one side and filled with mucky water so be careful.

You’ll come to a platform with an old, rusty ladder with one bolt holding it up.  If you want to climb it, test it out first.  Again, no signs said not to.  When you get on top, you have a pretty cool bird’s eye view of the old dam and cascades.

There is a second ladder to go down.  Then another small walk on top of a wall and some crumbling foundation to walk up.

You can follow a pretty well used path to the back side of the dam where there is a lot of beaver signs and signs of human fishing.  The water is much calmer up here but the edges are drop offs.

The unmarked trail heads left up a pretty steep hill and kind of peters out in the grass but looks like it could follow the defunct railway.

At any point, turn back to the parking lot.

Facilities: none
Hunting: no
Dogs: yes




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