James Baird State Park


Location: Pleasant Valley
Distance: 1.6 miles
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 130′
Type of Hike: lollipop
Trail Condition: trail, paved
Wow Factor: ends at a great playground

How to get there:  From the Taconic, take the exit for the park.  Enter the park and go to the four way intersection and stay straight to the parking lot. (Left is the golf course, right is the parking lot if you’re skipping the playground).


From the parking lot, walk down the perpendicular path closest to the entrance and to the right of the building with the restrooms.  The playground is hidden from the lot but will be just ahead on the right.  You’ll pick up the trail at the back right corner.  (If your little one can’t have the temptation without meltdown, you can start later at the road crossing.)

Start on the blue trail at the corner of the playground opposite the giant box turtle and head up the hill.

At Y intersection, stay right on blue. You’ll pass the pavilion and cross a parking lot.

Continue on the blue.  At the next fork, stay straight/right.  You’ll come to the road and will cross it (if you need to skip the playground, you can park just past this trail crossing on the left).

 Hang a right on red and follow it a short distance.

You’ll turn left on green and follow it for less than a quarter of a mile.  It will end at the red trail.

Left on red and keep going for about a quarter mile.

Keep straight/left at the next intersection on the blue/red trail that isn’t well marked but clearly a trail.

Follow this trail until you hit the tree line.  Follow the edge of the tree line on your left on the blue/red trail (but mostly blue markers) until you come back to the road crossing.

Follow the blue trail back to the playground.

Facilities: restrooms
Hunting: no
Dogs: leashed

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