FDR State Park Playground, Lot 6

Location: Yorktown
Parking: large lot
Traffic: new and unknown for winter of 2019 but assume uncomfortably packed on summer weekends and holidays
Fee: paid parking seasonally

Suggested Age: 2-12
Tot Friendly: yes
Gated: no
Sandbox: no
Swings/Baby Swings: none
Bikes: paved winding path all the way around
Play equipment: 3 slides, 12′ climbing tower, rock walls, climbing nets, chain ladder, seesaws, monkey bars, uneven steps, uneven moving steps, hammock/surfboard

This playground, new in 2018, is a climbers dream.  There are nets, towers, rock walls, uneven ladders, and more to climb.  There is a smaller section for little kids that have typical stairs, a see through metal tunnel, and small slide. 

Then there is the larger section for bigger kids that has some difficult places to get up and down and openings that might make some parents nervous.  There is a standard set of metal stairs to get up to the big slide but the other slide is an uneven central pole ladder that little ones may not be able to do.  There is a huge tower that can be climbed from inside or outside and connects to more climbing nets that form a tunnel to a spiraling climbing net that spans two platforms.  One platform is only accessible by a backward curving rope climber or “rock” wall with a fireman pole.  More ropes span this section to another.  Monkey bars and those moving stepping stones with the pole coming out of them round out the back side.

There are realistic concrete rock walls with beautiful bugs and animals to search for and imprints made to look like fossils that is my personal favorite thing about this playground.  

Ground cover: wood chips
Shade: none
Fountains: nearby
Restrooms: nearby, seasonally
Concessions: in the park
Picnic Tables: yes
Fields/Courts: in the park
Water feature: pool in the park (do not recommend)
Dogs: on leash


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