Rock Hill Park


Location: Mohegan Lake
Distance: 1 mile
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: 50 feet
Type of Hike: lollipop or loop
Trail Condition: dirt, rocky, grass
Wow Factor: views of the lake
Note: May only be open to residents during the summer

How to get there: From Route 6, you’ll turn south on to Lexington Ave.  The road widens around a split.  Make the left on Crawford Road.  At the intersection, left on Lincoln Dr.  Right on Horton Rd.  Left on Cabot Ln.  Park off to the side of the road away from the houses.  You’ll see the kiosk at the corner.  


Start at the kiosk at the corner of Cabot and Horton and walk into the woods on the orange trail.

Turn left onto yellow.  Follow this parallel with Cabot Ln.  You’ll pass an old well.

Keep going past the end of Decatur Rd.  Signs here say residents only and I assume that is because its lake access so in the summer there could be staff patrolling.  

Follow the edge of the lake.  Unfortunately, as with a lot of nice spots, there is a lot of broken glass and graffiti.  But there are really great rocks for climbing and a few spots to get close to the water.

Continue down the lake edge, past the green trail to the right.  Go a little further over stepping stones to keep you out of the mud.  Then pay attention because the trail looks like it goes straight but the yellow markers take a sharp right up the hill away from the lake.  

Stay on yellow until it passes an intersection (if you keep going straight on yellow you’ll end in another minute or two).  You can take this right, or the next on the old road, to go see the old ruins of the lodge at the top of the hill.  The green trail blazes aren’t as well marked up there but you can continue further on toward the rundown rectangular building and head down the stairs on the green trail.  

Once you get to the bottom, you’ll turn left on the yellow trail again and head back the way you came, skirting the lake, rounding the corner back up the hill and pass the well.   

Facilities: none
Hunting: no

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