Tom’s Path

  Location: Patterson Distance: .5 mile Skill Level: easy Elevation Gain: minimal Type of Hike: loop Trail Condition: dirt Wow Factor: easy  How to get there: From I-84, take exit 61.  Head north on 311.  Veer right on 164 E.  Pass under two one lane bridges and a third regular.  Make a left on Cornwall … Continue reading Tom’s Path

Hawk Rock

Location: Kent or CarmelDistance: 4 milesSkill Level: moderateElevation Gain: 400'Type of Hike: loopTrail Condition: rocky, wet in places, dirtWow Factor: 30' glacial erratic that looks like a hawkNote: you need a DEP permit--free and immediate hereWebsite  How to get there: Go all the way to the end of Whangtown Road (will be Carmel or Kent … Continue reading Hawk Rock

James Baird State Park Playground

  Location: Pleasant Valley Parking: ample Traffic: heavy in summer, well used year-round Fee: none Suggested Age: Tot Friendly: small section Gated: no but far from road Sandbox: no Swings/Baby Swings: 5 swings, 2 baby, 1 accessible Bikes: paved walkway around playground Play equipment: 2 slides, movable parts, 10+ foot climbing tower, bouncing walkways between … Continue reading James Baird State Park Playground