My name is Haley and I created this in hope to be a guide for getting out on babywearing hikes with your little one.  As my children grow, I will add more information about toddler-able hikes.

I was very active before having twins.  I did Crossfit, kickboxing, hiked regularly, and even worked as an outdoor educator.

A constantly sick pregnancy, complications with Baby B, a 10 week hospitalization, and NICU time made me stir crazy, to say the least.  I strapped them on and took them on our first hike at 7 weeks…


It wasn’t our best showing and I was literally holding them by the end because they had sagged so much but we got out there and it got us started on our road.  I went to a Babywearing International meeting to get help wearing them and found a few other moms through Meetup that wanted to be active.  I slowly started leading more and more hikes and even became a babywearing educator to help more people.

In four years, we have racked up 900 miles on more than 100 trails with hundreds of caregivers and their children.  I’ve made several really great friends through hiking and want to share my trail guides in hopes that it will get others out there with their little ones.

IMG_20160613_134351 (1).jpg

Most of my trails are 2-3 miles and I’ve done a lot of them with twins strapped to me so you can do it too!



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  1. Love your site! I am one of the leads for the Woodstock/Catskills Hike it Baby group. I would love for you and your twins to join us on one of our hikes! I think the categories you have your hikes listed as is amazingly helpful. That is the biggest question we get about local hikes; stroller friendly, water feature, other interesting thing, etc. Thank you for providing this great resource. 🙂


  2. Hi! I asked to join but was then returned a “Admin wants to know more” response but no link to add additional info that Admin is seeking? would Love to get out there and participate with you all. thanks!


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