Sterling Farm Preserve

Location: Patterson Distance: 1 mile Skill Level: easy, with steep descent and hand rails Elevation Gain: 100' Type of Hike: loop Trail Condition: trail, rocky Wow Factor: fun rope railing Note: As of summer 2016, the last section would be impassable for little walkers as its so overgrown with pricker bushes. How to get there: From … Continue reading Sterling Farm Preserve

Farrell-Ross Preserve

Location: Brewster Distance: 1.5 miles Skill Level: easy, good for little walkers Elevation Gain: 100' Type of Hike: partial loops Trail Condition: grass, boardwalk, swampy, rocky, trail Wow Factor: there is a really cool tree that "melted" to a rock How to get there: Take I684 North until it becomes 22 North.  Turn right on Milltown … Continue reading Farrell-Ross Preserve

Audubon Greenwich – Nature Play Trail

Location: Greenwich, CT Distance: .25 miles, option for more Skill Level: easy, great for little walkers and handicap accessible Elevation Gain: minimal Type of Hike: out-and-back Trail Condition: grass Wow Factor: awesome stations to play with natural materials Note: Sometimes you have to pay $3 to hike Website How to get there: From I684, take … Continue reading Audubon Greenwich – Nature Play Trail