I’ve done my best to make these accurate and I have hiked almost every foot while wearing twins.  My guides are meant to help you but not meant to take the place of common sense.  If the trail seems dangerous, turn back, even if its longer, or find a way around.  If I wrote right but you see the map shows left, follow the map (and leave me a comment so I can fix it).

Other helpful hints:  Print and take a map.  Track your hike with MapMyHike (I use MapMyRun) or another app–I’ve gotten lost before and had to use my GPS to find my way.  Tell someone where you’re going and what time you think you’ll be done.  And find someone to go with you just in case something happens (hiking is a great way to meet people and much less awkward than playdates because if you have nothing to say, you’re still hiking).  Google what to take for a day hike and what special items you need, or don’t need, for baby.