Nature’s Playground at Stamford Museum


Location: Stamford, CT
Parking: large lot
Traffic: busy year round
Fee: paid entrance

Suggested Age: 2-12
Tot Friendly: with help
Gated: yes, with wide open entrances
Sandbox: yes
Swings/Baby Swings: one bench swing
Play equipment: slides, birds nest, boat, tunnel, moving platforms, lots of things to climb


This is a great wooden playground but very spread out.  It’s a beautiful way to incorporate nature with a birds nest high in the air, a 6-legged moving spider, giant uneven leaves.  There is a chain link fence around it but with large entrances on either side that don’t close.

This playground takes a little fortitude from parents to just let them explore, take risks, and make decisions.  There are tons of areas to climb on man made and natural formations.  The main playground is set into the hill and can be steep at times.  Some of the steps don’t have railing and require you to step pretty far down onto boulders sticking out of the ground.  All are great for developing minds and bodies.

There is a wooden boat in a bottom corner that lets kids climb up to the top or go underneath.  There is a large platform made to look like leaves that is built in valleys and peaks.  A large sandpit with fossils at the bottom and rocks to climb in the center.

Overall, a great playground.

Ground cover: wood chips
Shade: partial
Fountains: nearby
Restrooms: nearby
Concessions: nearby
Picnic Tables: benches
Fields/Courts: no

Water feature: none
Dogs: no dogs allowed

How to get there: From I684, take the Hutchinson Parkway North.  It becomes Route 15/Merrit Parkway.  Take exit 35, High Ridge Road North.  The center is on the left.

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