Muscoot River


Location: Ardsley
Distance: 1 mile. option for more
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: minimal
Type of Hike: out-and-back
Trail Condition: dirt, rocky, grass
Wow Factor: 15′ waterfall

How to get there: From I684, take exit 6.  Follow Route 35 West.  Pass Lasdon Park and Arboretum.  Make the next left on Wood St.  You will park at the Mildred D Lasdon Sanctuary on the right.  There is room for about 6 cars.


From the parking lot, head down the grassy trail.

After a short distance, hang a left into the trees on the red trail.  Keep going to the rock wall.

Climb down to the maintenance road and turn right.  None of this part is blazed but is pretty well used.

Follow the road down to the dam.  You can walk out toward the top of it but there is a sign before the end that says permit only.  Head back to the road and keep going.

Follow the road as it becomes an actual trail.  The river winds back and forth as you continue.  There is one spot about 1/3 mile from the start where you can get close to the water’s edge and possibly enter.

You can go as far as you feel comfortable and turn around whenever you’d like, retracing your steps.

Facilities: none


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