Sheldrake Environmental Center


Location: Larchmont
Distance: 1 mile, option for more
Skill Level: easy
Elevation Gain: minimal
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: trail, boardwalk
Wow Factor: two dams

How to get there:  From the Hutchinson Parkway, take Exit 20.  Turn South on Weaver St/125.  Go about a mile and a half and it will be on your right.  There are two signs, park at the second in the dirt lot.


From the dirt lot, head back toward the bridge.  Cross it and head up the hill to the left where you’ll find the first, smaller reservoir.

Keep left and check out the old building before heading around the lake on the blue trail.  There are several unmarked trails to the left so just keep right with the lake to your right.

You’ll cross several bridges and one viewing platform and a short boardwalk.

Take the left right after the boardwalk.  This will lead you out to the dam which is pretty cool for the littles.  This is a great place to explore and climb (I don’t know if its allowed but I didn’t see signs not to!).  You could head left and follow the trail there out and back as long as you want.

When done, head back the opposite way with the dam to your left.  Follow the trail over a bridge.  From here you can follow the blue trail as far as you like and turn back.

Pick up the unmarked green trail beside the bridge at the dam waterfall and continue the trail around the pond with the water to your right.  You’ll pass a water plant and walk through someone’s back yard.

Cross over the bridge at the smaller reservoir’s waterfall and continue straight.

You’ll come to the beginning fork.  Head left and cross over the bridge to the parking lot.

Then check out the playground and nature center if it’s open.

Facilities: restroom when open
Hunting: no
Dogs: on leash


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