Location: Mt. Kisco
Distance: 1.5 miles
Skill Level: easy to moderate
Elevation Gain: 150′
Type of Hike: loop
Trail Condition: trail, paved, gravel, grass
Wow Factor: interesting old mansion to check out

How to get there: From I684, take exit 4.  Follow 172 West.  Make a left on Sarles Rd.  Go to the stop sign and make a left on Byram Lake Rd.  Go down almost half a mile.  Pass the main portion of the property on the left and follow signs for parking on the right.  Go up a gravel road to the parking lot.


From the parking lot, head toward the road and kiosk to pick up the blue trail.

Turn left and cross in front of the old building and garage, parallel with the road.

The trail starts the climb up and into the trees.

After climbing to the top, start a short, steep descent.  Keep heading mostly downhill until you come to a fence.

There is a trail to the left of the fence where you can cross the road.

Follow the trail left after crossing the road and enter the trees again as you start another climb down and up, and the trail turns to yellow.

Once the tree line breaks at the top of the hill, turn right into the field.  You’ll lose the trail blazes but will see the house up on the hill.  This area is a little overgrown, also.

Cross under the huge White Oak and make a left.  Follow it uphill a short way to the mansion.

You can walk around the front and peak in the windows.  If you go to the far side, you can see the gardens through the locked fence.  Facing away from the house, you can take in the views of the mountains in the distance.

Walk up around the back of the house.  Follow the old steps (stream?) and pick up the green trail.  You’ll pass the pet cemetery once you enter the trees.

Climb to the top of the hill.  (Go into the clearing to check out the stone bird feeders or maybe lanterns)

Right before the trees end, make a right on red and follow it down the hill.

When you come to the driveway, make a left.  Cross the bridge and check out the tunnel where the stream comes from on the left.

At the main road, make a left for a short distance.

Turn right and walk up the gravel road to the cars.

Hunting: no
Dogs: no


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