Duck Pond Park Playground

Location: Croton-on-Hudson
Parking: two paved lots
Traffic: low in the off season, high during
Fee: free

Suggested Age: 2-12
Tot Friendly: not terribly
Gated: partial
Sandbox: no
Bikes: there is a paved walkway throughout most of the park and no signs saying they’re not allowed
Swings: 2 swings, 2 baby swings
Play equipment: 4 slides,

Decent playground in a convenient area–the diner is at the end of the street, its less than a mile round trip walk to the Hot Dippy Donuts (open only on the weekends now) or the Dessertist.

The playground has a fence between it an the road that is open on the ends to the parking lot on one end and private house on the other.  The other side has a steep hill.  The climbing structure is in good shape and has a lot of different climbing areas–uneven bars, open hole wall.  There is a small standing structure with drums and movable parts.  Retaining walls to walk up and down and across.

Picnic tables are conveniently located in areas that you can see kids playing.  Across the small parking lot there is a basketball court, another parking lot, baseball field, and pond that allows ice skating.  

Ground cover: wood chips
Shade: none
Fountains: yes
Restrooms: no
Concessions: no
Picnic Tables: yes
Fields/Courts: yes
Water feature: no


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