Croton Point Park Playground

The south side playground


Location: Croton-on-Hudson
Parking: large lot
Traffic: busy year round, especially in summer
Fee: paid entrance, seasonally

Suggested Age: 2-5
Tot Friendly: yes, with help
Gated: no, split rail fence by parking lot
Sandbox: no
Swings/Baby Swings: one tire swing
Play equipment: one play structure, 4 slides, 2 bridges, climbing sections


This was a nice, small playground with pretty views of the water.  The playground is set well back from the parking lot and road and separated by a split rail fence.  It is very far from the water that has no barrier.  There is a large, flat area nearby and hiking.

There are several platforms to climb up, the highest being about 6′.  The main large bridge is very steep and hard for young toddlers to navigate.  The swinging plank is hard for young toddlers.  The climbing ladders in the front are the perfect size for little ones to learn.  There is room to play under the larger slides and a tire swing nearby.

Ground cover: wood chips
Shade: partial
Restrooms: yes
Concessions: vending machine
Picnic Tables: yes
Fields/Courts: large open area nearby

Water feature: beach, seasonally
Dogs: no, but allowed on leash

How to get there: From the Taconic, take 134-W.  Turn right onto 9A-N.  Continue onto 9.  Take the exit for Croton Point Ave.  Turn left onto Croton Point Ave and follow the road into the park.  Go past the toll house and drive down to the large parking area.  Go to the far side of the lot, past the center island (there is a larger playground for older kids near where you came in).

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